At St Peter's we are delighted to welcome new members into the church. 

In the Anglican Church both children and adults can be baptised.  Adults make the promises themselves but children’s promises are made by the parents and godparents.

Children are baptised in response to God’s all-embracing love. In the service of baptism the parents and godparents express their own trust and commitment to the promises of God, and their intention to bring up children in the faith and practice of the church. 

If you would like to make enquiries about having your child baptised or being baptised yourself please contact us. The priest will be happy to discuss the process and what preparation is required.

Baptisms normally occur on a Sunday during the 10.00am Sunday Service.


St Peter's is an Anglican congregation for all ages in the heart of Ballarat West.  We love our bluestone church which dates back to the 1860s and which speaks to us of God's peace and love. Pay us a visit. Perhaps it will speak to you too. 


1307 Sturt Street
PO Box 212W

Ballarat West VIC 3350

Rector and Archdeacon of Ballarat

(The Ven.) Fr Michael O'Brien 

03 5332 3929