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The beginnings of the parish date back to the 1850s when a school house (also used as a church) was built on the corner of Pleasant and Mair Streets.


In 1861 the "Western township" separated from Christ Church on Lydiard St, and became a parish in its own right.  

The site of the present church was bought for £200 in 1864, and the main part of the current church, or "nave", was completed in 1865 when the church opened for worship. 


The stained glass of the church, both behind the main altar and in the Chapel emphasise the three great "theological virtues" — faith, hope and love.


The vision of the parish is embodied in these virtues, faith coming to the fore in the quality of its worship, love in the fellowship its members enjoy with each other and in their service to the  community, and hope in the determination of the parish to place its trust in God's promises about the kingdom of heaven and eternal life.



The parish encompasses the southern part of Lake Wendouree, Newington and Alfredton, as well as the new build areas of Lucas, Miner's Rest and the Western Growth Corridor.


Despite this, members of the church come from all over Ballarat and even further afield, drawn by the beauty of the building, their family connections and their love of good Anglican music and preaching.


Everyone is welcome at St Peter's. 

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